Shirtless Hunk Saves Adorable Baby Deer From Fracking Pond

The cute creature kept slipping on tarpaulin.

A hero scientist came to the rescue when a baby deer got stuck in a fracking pond.

The cute creature couldn't climb out of the stored waste water lagoon because it kept slipping on tarpaulin on the side.

Video footage shows the unidentified shirtless man swimming after the animal. The deer emits a high-pitched squeak as the man grabs it.

"Saving baby deers in a frack pond," the man says as he walks towards the water's edge, before the clip cuts out.

It's unclear exactly where or when the video was filmed. But user jaclyn b posted it to YouTube on Saturday  under the title "Science hunk rescues baby deer from fracking pond." 

"A friend collects fracking data from ponds and encounters a fawn who can't get out due to the slippery tarp," the description states.

With hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas on the increase across the U.S., scientists and environmental activists have raised questions about whether millions of gallons of contaminated drilling fluids could be threatening water supplies and human health.

The Huffington Post has reached out for comment to the person who uploaded the video, which is now going viral.

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