'Science: It's A Girl Thing' By EU Commission Most Unintentionally Sexist PSA Ever? (VIDEO)

Ladies: they love stilettos, lipstick and the color pink. Oh, and now they like science, too.

We applaud the EU Commission for trying to get more women into science, but much like that Canadian mountie in "The Untouchables," we do not approve of their methods. If one girl is converted to science thanks to this PSA, we'll hang up our sports bras and get a makeover.

Here's the explanation on the video's YouTube page: "Science: it's a girl thing! From cosmetics to chemistry, from fashion to biology, from rhythm to electronics, girls have what it takes to succeed in science. Put your lab glasses on and see science with different eyes!!!"

Dear EU Commission, you know what makes girls interested in science? Knowing that humans built a large hadron collider that could simultaneously recreate the big bang and collapse the universe. You know, cool stuff.

So lose the sparkles.

(Side question: why is it the '80s in this video?)

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to the large hadron collider as a large "hardon" collider. Unfortunately, that's not what it is.