The Science Of HIV/AIDS Explained In Less Than Four Minutes

Understanding the disease is half the battle.

Tuesday marks the 27th annual World AIDS Day, dedicated to raising awareness about the AIDS pandemic and commemorating those who have died from illnesses related to the disease.

While many may know that AIDS is caused by HIV and is potentially life-threatening, many don't know much else about it. 

As the video above, produced by AsapScience, explains, HIV is a retrovirus transmitted through the blood, most often via sexual contact. It is extremely difficult to target with medication because of its high mutation rate. 

Science has come a long way and people with HIV who have access to anti-retroviral therapy can live long, full lives. HIV and AIDS, however, remains a global health issue, which affects over 35 million people. 

Educating ourselves and understanding HIV and AIDS is a big part of preventing transmission of the HI virus, as well as treating and curing the disease.

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