Science Has Determined The Most Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

It is a near-superpower to be able to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The perfect chocolate chip cookie mends heartbreak temporarily. It has the capacity to mark any occasion as celebratory. It's an idyllic "just because" treat. To perfect the chocolate chip cookie is to hold the key to something very special.

You can hold this key. With help from the science, the mystery has been unlocked. The masterminds at ChefSteps, who are behind the instructional video above, say that in order to avoid baking fails, you have to learn the function of each ingredient.

"Too-crumbly treats happen when a baker under-mixes the dough, or has a heavy hand with the sugar," the site explains. If your cookies come out on the dry side, use a bit less flour for your next batch. What this really means is that to achieve perfect cookies, you may have to experiment with a couple of batches before getting it just right. Nothing wrong with having a bunch of almost-perfect cookies on hand, ey?

As we've mentioned before, using chocolate chips is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Chips won't spread throughout the dough when they melt, but roughly chopped chocolate will. Plus, the chopped stuff gives a baker control over the chocolate chunk size. So, again, skip the chips. And for fully detailed instructions, measurements, and some more ingredient expertise, head over to

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