Scientists As Kids: 18 Science & Tech Luminaries When They Were Youngsters (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 18 Science Greats When They Were Cute Kids

Albert Einstein wasn't always the old guy with the bushy white hair. Once upon a time he was once just a cute little three-year-old -- and the same is true, of course, for all scientific geniuses. Just have a look at this amazing collection of "baby scientist" photos HuffPost Science has assembled -- from legendary physicists and chemists to a celebrated chimp-lover and the first known computer program writer.

Regrettably, we couldn't include some familiar scientific greats, including the guys who invented peanut butter and the traffic signal, the man famous for trapping atoms with lasers, or the guy who formulated those fundamental laws of motion and gravity -- as we couldn't track down their baby photos. But there are plenty of fun photos to see. And for each scientist and inventor in our collection, we've included both baby/child and adult photos -- so you can make it into a game, seeing how many of the baby scientists you can identify.

Who is this budding theoretical physicist?

These Kids Grew Up To Be Famous Geniuses

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