Scientology Sings: Another Wacky Musical Pitch for Cash

Our thanks to those clever folks at Anonymous, who very early this morning posted a real gem: a new International Association of Scientologists (IAS) video by our old friends in Melbourne. We can always count on the very sunny Scientologists in Victoria to give us a lift...

There's so much here to savor. We can't help thinking of the parallels to the IAS video produced by similarly fly church members in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also, Chanology Leaks points out that using an Elvis Presley imitator is particularly bad form, since Elvis elbowed Scientology in the ribs.

For those new to Scientology watching, the IAS is the church's defense fund, and individual members are under incredible pressure to donate to it. At nearly every turn, Scientologists are told that increasing their "status" with the IAS (in other words, donating larger and larger amounts) is key to the health of the planet.

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