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Scope Bacon Mouthwash Makes A Porky Debut (VIDEO) [UPDATE]

If you thought the bacon craze had finally petered out, think again. Scope Bacon is the latest addition to the Procter & Gamble mouthwash brand's line of products.

At first we wondered if this is some pre-April Fool's joke, but its website looks pretty legit. "It tastes like bacon, while still killing 99.9% of bad breath germs," it reads. "And, it keeps your breath minty fresh 5 times longer than brushing alone."

According to a FAQ section, Scope Bacon won't make your breath smell like bacon -- it just tastes like bacon when swished in your mouth. It's made with a synthetic bacon flavoring instead of real bacon, which probably explains why Scope doesn't recommend using Scope as a breakfast replacement.

When asked if Scope Bacon was fake, a Procter & Gamble representative gave HuffPost a noncommittal answer. "I hope not ... P&G and went through a whole lot of trouble if it is," she wrote in an email.

We're still a bit skeptical about the whole thing -- novelty products are one thing, but would a major outfit like Scope really sell an item like this? Regardless, we're entertained.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise... this is a hoax. Happy April Fool's Day! A Procter & Gamble representative revealed to us that, unfortunately, Scope Bacon won't be hitting shelves anytime soon. Or ever. Although we called this from the beginning -- HuffPost Food isn't easily fooled! -- we've got to admit the whole shebang wasn't bad for Scope's first prank ever. Next year, how about Scope Foie Gras?


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