Adults Are Blaming Scotland's Draw On A Kid Who Wanted A Selfie

Newsflash: Soccer success and selfies aren't related.

If you ask Scottish soccer fans why their national soccer team drew against Poland on Thursday in Glasgow, Scotland, effectively eliminating them from qualifying for the 2016 European Championships, some may point to the above photo of a kid taking a selfie with star Poland and Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. 

During the match, an unidentified young fan ran onto the pitch to snag a selfie with Lewandowski, briefly stopping the match. 

Lewandowski would later score a flukey equalizing goal against Scotland in the 94th minute, right before the final whistle.

Some fans, including newspapers like The Daily Mirror and The Daily Record, believe that had the fan not interrupted the game to grab his selfie, that 94th minute of soccer wouldn't have been played, and Scotland would have won. So they're blaming him for the result, with the Mirror and the Record running headlines suggesting that he's the reason why Scotland failed to book their place in Euro 2016. 

All available six substitutions to both teams were made in the second half, and since FIFA rules stipulate 30 seconds of added time for every substitution, a total of three minutes added would've been played. Because of the fan's selfie, the story goes, the referee presumably tacked on another minute of added time. 

Whether that's true or not is only known to the officials, but in any case, how many straws are these adults clutching at here? Suggesting a simple selfie is somehow responsible for Lewandowski's last-grasp goal and Scotland's defensive collapse is just so, so silly. Couldn't you blame, say, any of the other reasons for extra time, as well?

And in any case, Ireland's shocking 1-0 win over Germany is what actually mathematically eliminated Scotland from advancing to Euro 2016 -- not the selfie.

As for the risk-it-all fan who scored the selfie? He's presumably laying low right now, going about his school day with his hood up and sunglasses affixed. 

Just know though, kid: Don't let these haters get you down -- that selfie was totally worth it.


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