Scotland Tour: British Commandos Memorial in the Scottish Highlands

07/30/2013 12:31pm ET | Updated September 29, 2013
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In World War II, Winston Churchill decided that Britain needed an elite military corps. He created the British Commandos, famous for wearing green berets (an accessory -- and name -- later borrowed by elite fighting forces in the US and other countries). Those troops trained in the windy shadow of Ben Nevis (the tallest mountain in Britain, at 4,409 feet). Many of them died in combat, and this bronze memorial -- built in 1952 -- remembers those fallen British heroes. Nearby is a second memorial honoring other British Commandos who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a touching reminder that the USA is not alone in its distant wars; every nation has its share of honored heroes willing to sacrifice for what they believe to be the greater good.

All over Europe, war memorials are poignant reminders of fallen heroes. Which do you find most impactful?