Scott Brown Addresses 2016 Speculation On 'Fox News Sunday': We'll 'See What Happens'

Scott Brown Asked Point-Blank: 'Are You Running For President?'

Former Senator Scott Brown sidestepped growing speculation on Sunday that he is building the foundations of a campaign for president in 2016.

Brown's political future has been the subject of considerable chatter since he lost his Senate seat to Elizabeth Warren last November. Asked directly by Fox News' Chris Wallace on Sunday whether or not he would run for president, Brown avoided giving a straight answer -- while still touting his reputation for moderation and bipartisanship, likely the focal points of a hypothetical candidacy.

"I'm going to focus on taking my message, as we've talked about tonight, of inclusiveness and a bigger tent," Brown said. "Because right now, there needs to be room for everybody in our tent in order for us to be effective."

"I'm going to travel around the country, and see what happens," he added.

Brown tripped major 2016 alarm bells last week when he made a trip to Iowa -- home of the nation's first presidential nominating contest, the Iowa Caucuses. He also announced last week that he will not run for governor of Massachusetts in 2014. Earlier this year, Brown declined a chance to run for the Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry, after his appointment to President Obama's cabinet. Since Brown's exit from the Senate, he has booked a number of speaking engagements across the country, emphasizing the need for bipartisanship.

While each of these moves could augur presidential ambitions, and Brown himself acknowledges his interest, he continues to play down speculation.

"It’s 2013, and I think it’s premature," Brown told the Boston Herald last week. "But I am curious."

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