Scott Brown's New Ad Highlights Bipartisanship

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) continued to position himself as an independent Tuesday with the release of a new ad touting his ability to distance himself from the partisan politics that dominate Washington.

"The problem with Washington is that people down there are always battling," Brown says in the ad. "That's not how I operate. We're Americans first, and I'll work with anyone to get things done."

Like his first ad of the election cycle, the new spot makes no mention of Brown being a Republican.

Brown says in the ad that he was the "tie-breaking vote" on Wall Street reform and highlights his support for a jobs bill for veterans. He also mentions that the Boston Globe named him "one of the most bipartisan senators in the country."

The number of voters in Massachusetts who don't list a party affiliation topped 52 percent earlier this year.

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