Scott Brown Has Gone Washington: League Of Conservation Voters Launches Environmental Attack Ad (VIDEO)

In the midst of a heated re-election run, Sen. Scott Brown's environmental record is again under fire.

The League Of Conservation Voters (LCV) launched a new ad on Tuesday, accusing the Massachusetts Republican of favoring polluters over public health.

Entitled "Scott Brown: Gone Washington," the 30-second clip touts a man from the neck down, wearing Brown's well-known barn coat. The individual then throws off that coat into a gas-guzzling pickup truck, and drives the vehicle into Washington wearing a suit, illustrating the claim that Brown has banded with big oil.

"Scott Brown came to Washington portraying himself as a moderate, but his zero percent LCV environmental score proves he's been anything but as a Senator," LCV president Gene Karpinski said in a statement. "It's past time that Senator Brown started voting to protect public health, instead of polluters."

Brown's zero percent score was reflected in the LCV's 2010 National Environmental Scorecard. Published annually since 1970, the organization chronicles votes on key issues, ranging from oil subsidies to renewable energy funding. Last year, he registered anti-environment votes across the board.

Brown's financial ties to big polluters have come into question before. Back in April, the senator voted to gut the Clean Air Act. That decision drew attack ads from climate change organizations like 350.org, targeting the millions Brown received from big polluters.

The latest attack appears to have done little to faze Brown's camp. Boston.com procured a statement from his campaign manager, Jim Barnett, noting that the LCV's claims were an attempt to help his democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren.

"Just in time for Halloween, the League of Conservation Voters group is spending nearly $2 million on negative attack ads trying to scare voters and playing tricks with Scott Brown's pro-jobs voting record."


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