Scott Brown: 'Crystal Clear' No On Saving Just Middle Class Tax Cuts

Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaign is pouncing on fresh statements by Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) that he's a "crystal clear" vote against the Democrats' plan to preserve the Bush-era tax cuts just on income under $250,000.

Brown voted against the Senate Democrats' bill in July.

Brown has insisted he would vote only for extending the Bush tax cuts in their entirety, including those for the 2 percent of Americans earning more than $250,000. But Boston radio host Jim Braude still brought it up on Friday on his "Jim & Margery" radio show, asking if Brown would reconsider at the last second if saving the tax breaks, which expire at the end of the year, for the other 98 percent of Americans were the only option available. Brown reaffirmed his opposition in no uncertain terms. (Listen here.)

"It's December 31," Braude posed the scenario. "The only thing that is before you on the Bush tax cuts is an extension for people under $250,000, so you would be raising taxes [if the bill failed]."

"You'll vote no against it," Braude pressed as Brown hedged a bit before finally answering.

"Crystal clear. No," Brown said, contending that he was "not going to be the candidate that's gonna be -- the first thing is raise your taxes."

"You're talking about raising taxes on our job creators, our small-business owners," he said. "It's not just about millionaires and billionaires."

Democrats estimate that 97 percent of small businesses would keep their tax cuts under the Senate bill.

Warren's campaign jumped on her rival's admission.

"Today Scott Brown said he'd vote to raise taxes on hardworking middle class families," Warren said in a statement. "I wouldn't do that. I don't want to go to Washington to vote for millionaires and billionaires; I want to fight for small businesses and middle class families. There's a real choice in this election and you can count on me to fight for middle class families."

The timing works well for the Warren campaign, as Brown's comments came on the same day that Warren is rolling out a new television ad featuring local boxing trainer Art Ramalho accusing Brown of being for the big corporations.



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