Scott DesJarlais: The Latest Political Hypocrite

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) recently made headlines when a phone call transcript revealed that he had sex with a patient while working as a physician and later urged her to get an abortion. He claimed on the call that he thought the abortion could save his marriage -- to a woman who had two abortions after mutually agreeing with DesJarlais not to go through with the pregnancies, according to divorce court transcripts.

DesJarlais, who ran on a pro-life platform, just won a second term in Congress, where he can keep fighting to make it more difficult for women with whom he is not sleeping to obtain abortions.

The Tea Party congressman's double life seemed to set a new standard for political hypocrisy, but the greatest hypocrites are probably no longer in office. Here are some of the biggest-name offenders:

Biggest Political Hypocrites

CORRECTION: This article originally stated that Larry Craig resigned after his airport scandal. He announced his resignation then decided to serve out the rest of his term.