Scott Disick And 18-Year-Old Lindsay Vrckovnik Are Apparently Just Friends

Nothing to see here.

Scott Disick and the 18-year-old model he has been hanging out with are not an item, says the 18-year-old model.

Lindsay Vrckovnik has a boyfriend back home in Canada and is not "hooking up with" the father of three, according to TMZ. She and Disick have been spending time together simply because they are traveling in the same circle of models.

The reality star was spotted with Vrckovnik last week in New York City, where she is attending New York City's Parsons School of Design. The two then headed to Miami together with larger group.

Disick posted a photo with Vrckovnik to Instagram, showing them both wearing fur coats in a bathroom, but quickly deleted it, according to E! News.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian, whom Disick split from back in July, shared a post from her morning hike Monday.

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