Scott Eastwood 'Never Intended' To Become A Shirtless Meme: 'It's Just Me Being Me'

For the uninitiated, Scott Eastwood is a very hot young actor who is frequently photographed sans shirt. And with those pecs, who could have a problem with that?

We certainly don't, especially since the shirtless life comes naturally to the budding movie star.

"The funny thing about these photos is, I live in California. I'm a surfer. I'm at the beach all the time, and I never intended for this to happen. Really, never intended, but it's funny," Eastwood told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri in a Thursday conversation about his new film "The Longest Ride."

The son of Clint Eastwood is merely overheated, he explained.

"I'm just doing stuff I do with my buddies while I'm at the beach. I don't really know how that sort of spiraled into what it has been, but it's just me being me, 'cause California's warm and you just have your shirt off sometimes, I guess," he said.

But the humble heartthrob insists his physique is not worthy of all the attention it's been garnering.

"It's not like it's Matthew McConaughey or something," he joked.

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