Scott Eastwood Still Thinks Taylor Swift Is A Great Role Model

We didn't even have to ask if he was Team Swift or Team Kanye.

Is it just us, or does it seem like every celebrity who has done an interview in the past two weeks has been asked whether they’re Team Taylor or Team Kanye?

Unfortunately for camp Swift, most tend to be leaning on the side of Yeezus, probably fearing the consequences of siding against the creator of everything meaningful in the world, God Kris Jenner. Britney Spears went as far as pretending she never even met Swift, probably just to avoid the potential of Kimye’s wrath.

Scott Eastwood, however, needed no provoking to defend the character of his former music video co-star, Taylor Swift, when he stopped by the HuffPost Live studio to talk about his upcoming role in “Suicide Squad.” The actor worked Swift into the conversation twice and had nothing but compliments for the “1989” singer.

“You look at great people like Taylor Swift, who is a fantastic role model to young women, and if I can sort of follow that path, that’s a nice thing to do,” said Eastwood about what inspires him to share so much of his life with his fans on social media. 

Eastwood starred in Swift’s music video for “Wildest Dreams” back in 2015, when they played two Hollywood star-crossed lovers making an “Out of Africa”-esque romantic film in the 1950s. In the video, which had its fair share of controversy, the two stars sizzle together on screen but can’t seem to make their romance work when the director yells, “Cut!”

The video, seen below, received more than 450 million views and features several steamy make-out sessions between Eastwood and Swift.

“She’s great, she’s the best,” said Eastwood on working with Swift. “Like I said before, she’s a great role model to young women.”

And despite the recent backlash surrounding Swift after her highly publicized breakup, seemingly instantaneous rebound, and the dooming receipts that have led some to question her status as a positive role model, Eastwood is standing by his co-star. 

“I think there should be more artists and people who have the platform to do that, be a really positive role model in people’s lives,” said Eastwood.

Not 100 percent on this, but pretty sure the words “positive role model” aren’t often thrown around with “Kanye West.”

See the entire interview with Scott Eastwood below.




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