Scott Garner's Moving 'Still Life'

Interactive 'Still Life' Really Moves!

While still life paintings remain one of the most hallowed works of art, the proliferation of postcards and reproductions lends to the stigma that the art form is dated and a feels a little stuffy. In a brilliant -- or sacrilegious -- piece simply titled "Still Life," artist Scott Garner reexamines the field and adds a defiantly modern twist to the genre, animating the normally unmoving subject matter.

Garner created an interactive still life that reacts to the movement of the frame. "Still Life" appears to be just another picture of fruit and accompanying glassware, but it's actually a complex video installation, one that has been brewing in Garner's mind for quite some time.

The artist states on his website, "Years ago I had the idea of a still life painting that wasn’t so still, but could never quite wrap my head around how to build it." Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies such as Unity 3D, spatial sensors and cameras, Garner synchronized all of the objects in the frame to ensure cohesive realistic motion. It's not your grandparents' still life, but that's what makes it fun!

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