Astronaut Scott Kelly Tweets Staggering Photos Of Hurricane Patricia From Space

The hurricane is one of the most powerful ever recorded.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted several photos of Hurricane Patricia as viewed from the International Space Station on Friday, offering an unparalleled perspective on the monster hurricane as it bore down on Mexico's Pacific Coast.

Kelly, who took over as commander of the International Space Station last month and recently became the record-holder for most days spent in space, offered warnings for Mexico as he shared the photos:

The Category 5 storm made landfall in Mexico Friday evening, with winds reaching speeds of 165 mph. The hurricane is one of the strongest storms ever recorded, and is anticipated to have a "catastrophic" impact on the region. About 400,000 individuals live in the areas expected to be affected.

"One thing we're certain of is that we're facing a hurricane of a scale we've never ever seen," Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said Friday.

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