Scott Lee Cohen's Ex Says He Is Not Fit For Public Office As State Dems Wait For Him To Step Down

As state democrats hope that Illinois Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen steps aside as soon as possible, the drama surrounding the nominee doesn't seem to be going anywhere. On Saturday, Amanda J. Eneman--the woman Cohen allegedly threatened with a knife in 2005--issued a statement saying Cohen was unfit for public office.

"Ms. Eneman was Scott Lee Cohen's girlfriend and lived with him for about a year, some four or five years ago," said Eneman's attorney Gloria Allred.

"Based on her personal observations during the course of their relationship and his behavior, Ms. Eneman does not believe that he is fit to hold any public office, including that of Lt. Governor," Allred told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Eneman, a massage therapist who was arrested and convicted of prostitution after performing a sex act on an undercover police officer in 2005, had Cohen arrested while the two of them lived together. Though the charges were dropped, police reports state he held a knife to Eneman's throat. Cohen denies ever touching Eneman, and told WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" that the she gave herself the scars on her neck.

Meanwhile, a Cohen campaign source told both CBS 2 and the Sun-Times on Friday that Cohen was seeking an "honorable way'' off the ticket.

Cohen's spokesman, Baxter Swilley, would not confirm this report, and as for Eneman's statement only said than Cohen wishes Eneman "the very best."

Aside from the alleged 2005 incident with Eneman, Cohen's ex-wife also had problems with the nominee. Divorce papers showed violence, adultery, steroid use and attempts at forced sex. During the "Chicago Tonight" interview, Cohen said those things happened at a very bad time in his life.

As the denouncements from state Democrats continue--many are wondering how long Cohen can hold out and deal with the constant media scrutiny.

WBEZ Web Editor Justin Kaufmann has an idea for Cohen if he wants to seek revenge on the media that destroyed his chances of a successful run for office: Step down during the Super Bowl.

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