League Of Conservation Voters Chairman Scott Nathan Invests Heavily In BP Through Hedge Fund

WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the board of a leading environmental advocacy group is also a hedge fund manager, and his firm is heavily invested in the oil giant BP, according to financial documents.

League of Conservation Voters Chairman Scott Nathan is chief risk officer at The Baupost Group, a major hedge fund, and a member of the firm's management committee, which oversees investments.

The Baupost Group is a major investor in BP, owning more than $700,000,000 of the company.

LCV consistently fights against subsidies for BP and other major oil companies, and the organization has been deeply critical of the company's performance during the Gulf oil spill in 2010.

"LCV is a consistent critic of Big Oil and their destructive impact on our environment. Scott is a passionate advocate for what we do and a critical leader of our organization," Gene Karpinski, the president of LCV, told HuffPost in a statement.

A call to The Baupost Group wasn't immediately returned.

LCV has recently entered the Massachusetts Senate race, backing Democratic Congressman Ed Markey, an environmental champion, and pledging to spend $400,000 on a direct mail campaign on his behalf.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly ranked Baupost's investment in BP.



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