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Scott Norton, Gay Bowler, On ESPN Kiss: 'I Didn't Even Know Anything Was Going To Come Of It' (VIDEO)


Professional bowler Scott Norton joined HuffPost Live Friday to discuss with host Josh Zepps his groundbreaking kiss on ESPN after winning the 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship in Las Vegas. Norton, who is openly gay, shared a celebratory kiss with his husband Craig Woodward, making it quite possibly the first time a professional athlete has kissed his or her same sex partner on national television.

When Zepps asked Norton if he knew the kiss could potentially be something to make history, Norton responded humbly,

"Who would have thought that something so innocent could turn into that?" he said.

"I didn't even know anything was going to come of it. It happened on Sunday and then nothing came of it," Norton said. "And then it exploded and all of the credit goes to Jaime Perez and the International Art of Bowling for all they've done. They've really turned this into something special."

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