Scott Olsen On Ed Schultz: Iraq Vet Injured At Occupy Oakland Speaks Out On MSNBC (VIDEO)

WATCH: Iraq Vet Critically Injured At Occupy Oakland Speaks Out To Schultz

Ed Schultz interviewed Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who was struck in the head and critically injured by a police projectile during an Occupy Oakland protest, on his Tuesday show. It was Olsen's first live TV interview since the footage of his injury caused an international outcry.

Olsen is recovering from his head injury, but, as Schultz said, "there is still no official answer about what hit him that night or who launched it." Calling him a "tough Wisconsin kid," Schultz asked Olsen how he was doing.

"I'm doing better every day," Olsen said. "...It's not always been a pleasant process." In a sign of just how much the injury had affected him, Olsen's speech was still halting and sometimes garbled as he spoke. However, he said this was an improvement over his condition shortly after the projectile hit him.

"My brain was working okay, but I couldn't get words out of my mouth," he said. Schultz asked him how he felt to suddenly be an international figure of the Occupy protests.

"When I woke up in the hospital it was kind of weird to be a national news story like I became," he said. "It was a bit overwhelming, but I'm happy to step into these shoes and guide this movement and be somebody to look up to."

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