Why 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil Wants His Daughter To Play Basketball

"I like seeing you happy. When you're happy, I'm happy," he told his three daughters.

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As the CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils and the Prudential Center, Scott O'Neil lives and breathes sports. But nothing is more important than his family.

In his Talk To Me episode, O'Neil sat down with his three daughters – Alexa, 16, Kira, 12, and Eliza, 9. He emphasized how much he wants his daughters to nurture their relationships with one another, and reminisced about having close bonds with his siblings growing up.

"I can tell you the one thing I learned with my brothers and my sister... they're always there for you," he said. "In your highest high moments and your lowest low moments, they're the ones you can always lean on. There's something special about family, so you have to make sure you take care of these relationships with your sisters," O'Neil said.

He also explained why playing sports can be so important to personal growth. O'Neil chuckled when his daughter Eliza asked, "Why do you make me play basketball?"

"There's some real power in sports, and you're a bit introverted, so sometimes it's tough for you to break out and see things differently, as you know. We've talked about it a lot," he said. "[Sports] give you an opportunity to lead and follow, and learn how to win and lose."

Watch O'Neil coach his daughters through ways they can make the world a better place and how he uses sports to teach them about friendship, sacrifice and commitment.

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