Scott Pelley Goes After Fox News In The Hollywood Reporter's New York Issue

Scott Pelley laid into Fox News during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The magazine's New York Issue, which started last year, names the top 35 most powerful people in the media industry. Pelley appeared on this year's list twice -- once for his role hosting "The CBS Evening News," and again for his contribution to "60 Minutes." The magazine released four different covers for the issue, one of which Pelley was on with his "60 Minutes" colleagues. The other three covers were comprised of Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan; Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos; and Bill O'Reilly.

During his interview with THR's Jordan Zakarin, Pelley said that he was proudest of his Super Bowl interview with President Obama, and his "60 Minutes" sit down with the Navy SEAL who published a book about the Osama bin Laden raid under the pseudonym Mark Owen. Around the time of the interview, Fox News published a report saying it had identified Owen's real name. The AP later confirmed Fox News' report.

At the time of his interview, Pelley called out Fox News at the end of his segment on "60 Minutes." He doubled down during his interview with THR.

"I cannot think of a reason journalistically that you would expose an undercover operator for the United States in that way," Pelley told THR. "I cannot think in any public interest that was served, and now his life is in danger, the lives of all of his family members and extended family are in danger, and I could think of a reason to do that. If the people at Fox have a reason, I’d be awfully interested in hearing it, because I cannot think in any way how the public interest in the United States was served by that."

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