Scott Pelley Reportedly Rages At NY Post Page Six Reporter: 'You Wouldn't Last Ten Seconds At CBS'

The New York Post's Page Six reportedly received quite the phone call on Tuesday night.

Apparently the gossip section was working on a story about Scott Pelley's alleged reaction to John Miller's big State Department scoop, when the "CBS Evening News" anchor gave Page Six a call. The usually mild-mannered journalist was quite displeased with the allegation and provided the Post reporter with quite the colorful response:

Pelley called Page Six last night to vehemently deny he had a meltdown — then promptly went into a meltdown. He roared, 'That allegation is false. How long have you been a journalist? You wouldn’t last ten seconds at CBS News. This is not how reporters do their job. You called my publicist but not me in my office?'

Pelley recently accepted a journalism award named for broadcast executive Fred Friendly from Quinnipiac University.



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