Scott Peterson Pictures Show Glimpse Of Murderer's LIfe On Death Row (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Author Nancy Mullane recently got a glimpse of what convicted murderer Scott Peterson's life is like on California's death row.

In 2004, Peterson was sentenced to death for the murder of his pregnant wife Laci in 2002.

This month, the Today Show got a hold of PHOTOS Mullane took while visiting San Quinten Prison to research her book "Life After Murder" about convicted killers.

Fox News previously reported that Peterson is allowed five hours a day out of his personal cell where can play basketball, jog or play board games.

San Quentin prison spokesman Samuel Robinson told Fox News that Peterson has not been involved in any altercations with other inmates and that he "gets along well" with his fellow prisoners.

In July, Peterson appealed his murder conviction, maintaining his innocence, which he always has.

Scott Peterson