NPR's Scott Simon On Mother Patricia: 'She Poured Everything Into Me' (VIDEO)

Scott Simon's mother Patricia Lyons Simon Newman Gilband passed away on Monday night.

Scores of people followed along this week as Simon tweeted his mother's final moments from her bedside at a Chicago hospital. The sad, heartwarming and humorous messages drew the attention of Twitter followers and news outlets, who sent his family their best wishes.

The NPR host spoke to "Today" from Chicago before his mother's passing. "I think it's nice to that people know what Patricia Simon said because she poured everything into me," Simon said, choking up.

When asked why he decided to share the experience on Twitter, Simon said, "I think my mother has a lot to say to a lot of people and I'm not embarrassed to share it."

"I tell you, death is a universal experience... it's something we have to figure out how to live with, how to both struggle with, struggle against and finally accept," he added.



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