Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Opens Up About Abuse And Rebuilding His Faith

"For years and years, I ran in the opposite direction" of religion.

After an abusive childhood left Creed frontman Scott Stapp with a skewed perception of religion, he had to completely rebuild his foundation of faith, he told HuffPost Live last week.  

Stapp, who describes himself as spiritual and a Christian, explained to host Alex Miranda his choice to dismiss religion for years after his father "began to beat us in the name of God," which he discussed on an episode of VH1's "Couple's Therapy" earlier this year. But with help from his wife and children, Stapp learned how to rebuild his faith.

"Basically what I had to do was completely demolish the foundation of every spiritual concept of God that I had ever had in my life and start over," Stapp said. "Where that started for me was in a 12-step program and just reconnecting with my higher power as it made sense in my life."

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