ESPN Anchor Scott Van Pelt Takes Time Out To Honor His Late Father

The broadcaster said he always avoided focusing on the anniversary of his dad's death -- until now.

On the 31st anniversary of his father’s death Tuesday, ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt called an audible.

The broadcaster explained to viewers that he would not ignore the day, as he had before. Not while two of his friends were dealing with the recent loss of their fathers.

Van Pelt, 52, said he has always advised those in mourning to embrace their grief.

“I encourage my friends to share it, to articulate it, to say it out loud. It’s time to take my own advice,” he said.

“So maybe this is selfish to do it here, but it’s intentional, because we all have our pain to deal with,” he added. “And maybe it helps somebody else or encourages someone to tell a loved one who’s still here how you feel. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, I miss you Dad, today and every day, and I hope you’d be proud of how it all turned out.”

Check out Van Pelt’s moving tribute to his father in its entirety above.