Governor Scott Walker Angers Beer Lovers Everywhere With A Single Tweet

First he enraged food lovers with his kebabs. And now THIS.

Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin and hopeful grill master, has done it again.

He’s gone and upset the world with his choice of food and drink. First, it was the way he grilled his kebabs. And now, it’s his choice of beer.

In response to a piece by Wired called “Nothing Bums Me Out Like Scott Walker’s Instagram Feed,” Walker tweeted this:

One can assume he was none-too-pleased with the attack on his brown-bag lunches (which he often shares photos of on social media), but he attempted to take the higher road. Walker had no idea what a mistake that would be. Beer lovers across Twitter erupted over his choice of pilsner:

Folks were also upset that Walker didn’t choose to support the beloved Wisconsin-based New Glarus Brewing, or one of the many other independent brewers.

And then, this...

Considering that Walker put a law into effect to crush unions, this is more than just a little ironic. Turns out even governors should read the fine print.

The liberal media has not yet officially responded to Walker’s invitation, but in the meantime he upped his offering to something all Wisconsinites can be proud of: cheese curds.

OK, now we’re getting somewhere.