Scott Walker Billboard Removed In Wisconsin After Controversy (PHOTO)

A poorly-placed billboard touting Gov. Scott Walker's (R-Wisc.) job creation record has been removed, Wisconsin Radio Network reported Thursday.

The billboard, which featured a picture of Walker next to the text "Creating Jobs for Wisconsin," was placed in front of a General Motors factory in Janesville, Wisconsin that shuttered in 2008. Thousands of workers at the factory and GM suppliers lost their jobs when the 86-year-old factory closed, and the ripple effects were estimated to cost a total of 10,000 jobs in the area.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, an influential corporate lobbying group, paid for the advertisement, along with several other billboards in Rock County. However, according to the Wisconsin Radio Network, the billboard company that owns the space chose the location of this particular sign. The company removed the sign within 24 hours, after pictures of the billboard began appearing on local blogs.

The sign blunder is not the only mishap plaguing Walker, who faces a possible recall election. Last week, a Walker appointee and former aide were arrested on felony embezzlement charges. The arrests were part of an ongoing investigation centering on individuals who served under Walker's time as as Milwaukee County executive.