Scott Walker: Clint Eastwood Speech Was One GOP Convention Moment 'I Cringed About'

Clint Eastwood did more than make headlines with his bizarre speech at the Republican National Convention -- he managed to make Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker cringe.

Walker called the speech "that one moment, which I cringed about" on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Friday. The GOP governor said he would have rather seen more of Romney's personal story than the 82-year-old actor mumbling and talking to an empty chair representing President Barack Obama.

"You hear some of his [Romney's] opponents how he's a robot, he's mechanical. No, he's just a private person who does amazing things and we saw some of that last night," Walker said. "I just wish, frankly, I would have rather seen that than Clint Eastwood during the prime time."

Eastwood was immediately mocked for his bizarre appearance, sparking several internet memes and leading film critic Roger Ebert to tweet the speech was "unworthy of him."

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Below, the 10 best lines from Eastwood's RNC speech:

10 Best Lines From Eastwood's RNC Speech