Celebrated Scott Walker Crony Hire Resigns From Government Position

More bad news for embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as Brian Deschane, the only man he trusted to be the state's administrator of environmental and regulatory matters, resigned his position amid -- what else? -- controversy.

It was just a couple of days ago that we learned of how Walker took a shine to Deschane. In the young man's lack of management experience and two more drunk driving convictions than college degrees, Walker saw untapped potential. Another thing he saw in Deschane was the way his father -- Jerry Deschane, the executive vice president of Wisconsin Builders Association -- skillfully managed to stack dollar bills in the amount of $121,652 for Walker's gubernatorial campaign.

And so, the governor installed the younger Deschane into a pair of government positions: First as the bureau director at the Department of Regulation and Licensing, and then later at his administrator post at the Department of Commerce, where he earned $81,500 a year. And no one might have cared about what is certainly a commonplace event in the life of a favor-trading politician if it weren't for the fact that Walker recently declared war on the public employees he hadn't appointed, making them out to be grossly overpaid monsters.

Deschane was actually set to be demoted to his previous position, but has apparently declined. Here's Daniel Bice of Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel:

Walker announced that Deschane would return to his previous position as a bureau director at the Department of Regulation and Licensing. He was appointed to that $64,728-per-year position in mid-January at the recommendation of Walker's chief of staff, Keith Gilkes.

It is not clear why Deschane chose to resign rather than accept the demotion.

Maybe Deschane will appeal this decision with the help of the International Cronies Union Local 182, or something.

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