Scott Walker Continues To Dodge Questions On Emails

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is remaining mum on the trove of emails released to the public last week.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Walker reiterated his claim that the over 27,000 pages of emails exchanged by his staff while he was working as a Milwaukee county executive are "old news."

“If you look at the facts out there, this is old news," Walker told Fox's Chris Wallace. "This is about a case that was closed last March, a Democratic district attorney in Milwaukee County spent multiple years looking at all this information."

Walker has faced scrutiny on whether he and his aides used a "secret" email system to hide communications from the public. The governor has declined to say whether he had knowledge of the system or if he used it himself.

In the Sunday interview, Wallace pressed Walker on the private accounts:

WALLACE: If county workers were doing nothing wrong, why should they be using a private e-mail account?

WALKER: Well, but that’s exactly to my point. You had a Democratic district attorney spend almost three years looking at every single one of those communications, interviewing people, talking to people and closed the case last March.

WALLACE: Did you have your own private e-mail account?

WALKER: It’s one of those where I point out, the district attorney has reviewed every single one of these issues--

WALLACE: But sir, you’re not answering my question.

WALKER: No, because I’m not going to get into 27,000 different pieces of information. The bottom line is a Democrat who led the district attorney's office looked at all of this and decided not to charge anything other than the individuals you mentioned, who are people who worked for the county in the past who don't work for me today. I think that's pretty straightforward.

Six of Walker's former aides and associated have been convicted of unethically mixing campaign and county business. However, Walker has not been charged in the investigation.



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