Scott Walker Stands By His Evolution Remarks, Says Union Protests Will 'Backfire'

Scott Walker Still Doesn't Want To Say A Whole Lot About Evolution

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) sought to clarify his stance on evolution Tuesday following a dust-up last week over his refusal to discuss the issue.

During an appearance on Fox News, Walker told host Megyn Kelly that he did not regret his decision to punt when a reporter asked if he believed in evolution. Walker was in London at the time and said his visit was to promote trade, "not to pontificate about evolution."

Walker added that the question was not one that politicians should be involved with, a response that sparked national headlines back home where he is regarded as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2016.

Asked by Kelly if he wished he had answered the question differently, Walker continued to argue that he had traveled to the United Kingdom "on the taxpayers' dime" to discuss trade and investment.

"It's why I didn't talk about foreign policy. And I think the taxpayers of Wisconsin would have been upset, saying, 'Why are you off talking about political questions?'" Walker said.

He added that he has no qualms answering the question, but continued to say very little on the subject of evolution.

"I think God created the Earth," Walker said. "I think science and my faith aren't incompatible."

In the same interview, Walker also hit back at pro-union protests outside his parents' home in suburban Milwaukee over the governor's proposed cuts to the state's education budget.

"I think those sorts of things backfire," he said, adding that in 2011 his family faced similar protests over a controversial collective-bargaining bill.

"My mom not only had a protester outside of her house -- she actually had someone chase my youngest son and her down the aisle at the grocery store just to yell at them," Walker said.

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