Scott Walker Denies He Is Target Of John Doe Criminal Investigation

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) vehemently denied a new report stating he is the target of a criminal corruption probe on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters after a meet-and-greet with volunteers at his campaign's Wauwatosa headquarters, Walker said neither he nor his lawyers have received a letter stating that he is being sought out in the investigation, which is focused on Walker's time as Milwaukee County executive. The allegations range from embezzlement to doing campaign work with taxpayer money.

The latest questions arose in after a Friday Facebook post by David Shuster of Take Action News. "According to government lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a 'target' of the investigation," wrote Shuster.

"A hundred percent wrong. Could not be more wrong," said Walker when asked about Shuster's story. "It's just more of the liberal scare tactics out there desperately trying to get the campaign off-target from talking about what it was to begin with. The recall was about our reforms. Our opponents don't want to talk about them. Then they shifted to jobs. ... Now they want to switch to something else desperately, but there's absolutely no truth to that whatsoever."

When asked to clarify whether his legal team has been informed in any other way that he is the target of the investigation, Walker stated, "I have not heard a single thing about that, other than spin from those on the left."

Walker's stop in Milwaukee was the sixth and last of the day, which he spent visiting other campaign offices and attending public events around Wisconsin.

Walker said his opponents will throw out "spin" and "false innuendo," but that voters have nothing to worry about regarding the investigation.

On Twitter, Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski replied to Walker's latest denial, writing, "If @GovWalker had a letter or evidence clearing him in corruption probe, don't you know he would rent a firetruck? He's lying."

The recalls in Wisconsin will take place on June 5. Walker, the lieutenant governor and four GOP state senators are fighting to hang on to their seats.