Scott Walker Gets Brutal Reminders Of His Past After 'Joke' Tweet Backfires

The former Wisconsin governor's name was trending for all the wrong reasons.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) attempted to join Twitter’s “I have a joke” meme on Monday.

But it didn’t go well for him.

Walker’s attempt at the viral gag was a play off the fact that he won a recall election in 2012: 

But Walker’s critics on Twitter weren’t having it ― joining in with reminders of other parts of his history. 

Walker ran for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination but dropped out months before a single vote was cast after polls found him with less than one-half of 1 percent support. 

He also lost his 2018 reelection bid in Wisconsin to Democrat Tony Evers

And Walker also had a history of questionable activity, including accusations he misused state aircraft, and a deal with Foxconn electronics manufacturer involving billions of dollars in state subsidies for jobs that has fallen far short of the promises.

Twitter users were quick to remind him of all that and more with some biting “jokes” of their own, causing his name to trend on the website: