Scott Walker Criticizes Mitt Romney For Failed Strategy In New Book

Walker Criticizes Romney For Failed Strategy

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) criticizes former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in his new book, "Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge."

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Walker writes that Romney should have criticized President Barack Obama more during the 2012 campaign:

Walker recounts an email he sent to Romney voicing his frustrations during the presidential campaign. He said he urged Romney to show more passion, get out from behind the podium and connect directly with voters "like you did to the Olympic athletes" when Romney oversaw the 2002 Winter Olympics. Walker said he got no response.

Walker writes that Republicans in 2012 didn't run on their principles and did a "lousy job of presenting a positive vision of free market solutions to our nation's problems in a way that is relevant to people's lives."

Walker had kinder words for Romney's running mate and fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan, who Walker called "one of the smartest and most decent people I know in or out of politics." Walker has praised Ryan before, saying in Sept. 2012 that more of Ryan needed to "rub off" on Romney.

This isn't Walker's first hit at Romney. In July 2013, Walker said Romney would have won Wisconsin in the 2012 election if he had made the "R" behind his name "'stand for ‘reformer’ rather than ‘rich guy.'"

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