Scott Walker Cancels On Obama, Claiming Stomach Flu [UPDATED]

Walker Cancels On Obama, Claims Stomach Flu

Scott Walker's plans to tour the Milwaukee Master Lock factory with President Obama have been called off after the Wisconsin governor said he was felled by stomach flu.

"Sick today. Got the same thing Alex had @ end of last week. Upset stomach," he tweeted Tuesday.

On Wednesday Walker was feeling better, but not well enough to accompany Obama to the padlock maker.

"Feel a little better today. Still recovering from a nasty case of the flu," he wrote.

Obama's visit is intended to highlight an economic success story in a state that continues to lose private sector jobs. In his state of the Union address he touted Master Lock, a unionized company that has brought back 100 jobs from China.

Protests over Walker's proposal that curbed public workers' union rights began exactly a year ago Wednesday. The backlash has resulted in a recall election targeting Walker this year.

The governor still plans to meet Obama's plane at the Milwaukee airport, his spokesman told TPM.


Walker met with Obama on the tarmac, giving a brief interview and delivering a Milwaukee Brewers baseball jersey to the president that read "Obama" with a number 1.

Walker's remarks, from the pool report:

"We're certainly pleased the president's here. It's a great focus for Wisconsin. We love manufacturing. That's our number one industry. The bottom line is we're one of the biggest, most dependent on manufacturing of any state in the country. We appreciate the fact that the president's focusing on manufacturing."

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