Scott Walker Dines At The White House

Well, this might prove awkward.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is scheduled to attend a dinner at the White House tonight, a spokesperson confirmed to The Huffington Post. The event comes less than 24 hours after the potential 2016 presidential candidate said he didn't know President Barack Obama's faith and a few days since he said he didn't know whether the president loved America.

The event, held on behalf of the National Governors Association, will be hosted by the president, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Biden's wife Jill. It will take place at the State Dining Room in the White House.

The dressy affair is held every year, and features remarks by the president to the gathering of governors. At last year's dinner, Walker found himself seated next to Biden, who is also considered a possible contender in the 2016 presidential campaign.

"Tonight we want to make sure that all of you make yourselves at home -- to which I'm sure some of you are thinking: 'That's been the point all along,'" Obama joked at the time.

No word yet on who plans to say grace. But Walker posted a photo with his son shortly before the dinner:

UPDATE, 9:15 p.m. -- The White House released a transcript of the president's remarks.

"It’s wonderful to see you all here tonight. Harry Truman once called the presidency an 'enlarged governorship.' Of course, a few of you are hoping that he was right," Obama said, with Walker seated in the audience.

The president also spoke highly of America in his toast with the governors.

"So let me propose a toast -- to our citizens, to our spouses, to our families, and to what Thomas Jefferson once described as our country’s precious blessings, “its soil, its climate, its equality, liberty, laws, people and manners … which no other people on Earth enjoy," he said.



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