That Whole 'President Scott Walker' Thing Looks Pretty Stupid Now

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

We know it's not nice to laugh at someone's misfortune, but sometimes failure is so spectacular that you pretty much have to. So, here's your daily schadenfreude.

It was evident that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) bubble had burst weeks before he officially dropped out of the presidential race on Monday, but considering the expectations that had been set for him, it was hard not to be a little surprised.

Walker was supposed to be the GOP's savior: a Midwestern, blue-collar brawler who had won three statewide elections in four years, all while taking on powerful union interests. Among Democrats, Walker was regularly mentioned as someone who could pose a serious threat to their eventual nominee.

The media was happy to buy in to this narrative, at least until it found another candidate who wasn't so painfully boring.

The hype looks pretty hilarious in retrospect.