Scott Walker Recall: Conservative Talk Show Host Fears A More Liberal Midwest If Governor Loses

A conservative radio host in Kansas told listeners Monday that he fears for a more liberal Midwest if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) loses in Tuesday's recall election.

Joseph Ashby, who hosts a talk show on WQAM in Wichita, Kan., discussed the Walker recall and what he believes will be a far-reaching impact on GOP governors in other states should Walker be removed from office. Walker faces off against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) in an election driven by progressive outrage at Walker's changes to public employee and union rules in Wisconsin.

“If Scott Walker were to lose, you can kiss goodbye the (Ohio Gov.) John Kasichs and (Kansas Gov.) Sam Brownbacks, in the swing states" Ashby said. "It would not be surprising to see Governor Brownback pull back, saying that he may not be able to do as much. He may fear being Walkered."

Ashby was referring various policies that Kasich and Brownback have been pushing in their states, but he did not specify labor issues in general. Kasich saw his signature anti-collective bargaining law overturned by voters last year. A measure to change unemployment compensation rules in Kansas -- backed by Brownback's labor secretary -- failed in the state Senate.

Ashby, a Tea Party keynote speaker who lost a 2010 GOP primary for a state legislative seat, said he does not believe that Brownback would face a recall attempt in Republican-leaning Kansas but could potentially lose the 2014 election to a Democrat. Ashby noted that Democrats Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson held the governorship from 2003-2011, before Brownback was elected, meaning it was possible for a Democrat to win again.

Ashby spent most of the two-hour show showcasing his own ideas, including those on Walker, before launching a 30-minute interview with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), who used the show accuse the Obama administration was attacking conservative states.

Ashby did say that he fears Kansas could become more liberal.

“Luckily we are far enough in Kansas from these epicenters of liberalism," Ashby said. "As Kansas City though goes farther in to our state, unfortunately urban voters are bad voters. The places these migrant liberals go to become more blue.”

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