Scott Walker Recall: Republican Challenger Says He's Not A 'Fake Republican'

Arthur Kohl-Riggs, a scruffy-haired 23-year-old political activist who used to serve pizza at the Children’s Museum in Madison until a few weeks ago, says he is not a "fake Republican."

But he's not a traditional Republican, either.

Kohl-Riggs is running against Gov. Scott Walker in the Republican primary after he collected and turned in more than 2,200 signatures to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board this week. If the GAB, which oversees elections in Wisconsin, votes to allow him on the ballot, Kohl-Riggs will be Walker's sole opponent in the May 8 primary.

So, if he's not a Democrat or traditional Republican, what political flag does Kohl-Riggs fly?

He describes himself as a "progressive Republican," following the political lines of former Wisconsin Sen. Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette and Abraham Lincoln.

And the reason Kohl-Riggs wants his name on the GOP ballot is because he wants to force Republicans to vote for Gov. Scott Walker in the primary instead of meddling in the Democratic primary, he said.

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