Scott Walker vs. Jonas Brothers: Compare and Contrast

This weekend at the box-office, there's gonna be a cinematic showdown:

In one much smaller, art house corner, there's Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, a fascinating and subtle exploration of an enduring musical enigma. Walker (born Noel Scott Engel) is a recovering youth sensation, formerly of Walker Brothers fame, and currently perhaps one of the most daring avant-garde artists to ever emerge from our pop music world. With longtime Scott Walker admirer David Bowie serving as executive producer as well as one on-camera observer, director Stephen Kijack has done a fine job of giving us some actual insight into a compelling and heretofore mysterious cult figure who's long been worthy of our wonder.

In the other, much easier-to-find corner in a theater near you, we have Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. Personally, I quite like my Jersey homeboys -- and can only imagine how great Kevin, Joe and Nick (unlike the Walkers, actual brothers -- advantage Jonas!) will look given a whole extra dimension. If I can get my young sons to come along with me for cover, I'll definitely check these brothers out this weekend.

Scott Walker vs. Jonas Brothers.

America, the lines are now drawn and the choice is yours.

But isn't it time that we stop this feud before someone's feelings get hurt?

Do we really have to pick just one?