Majority Of Wisconsin Voters Have Had Enough Of Scott Walker

They're hoping he doesn't run for governor again.
Wisconsin voters don't want Gov. Scott Walker to serve another term.
Wisconsin voters don't want Gov. Scott Walker to serve another term.

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) was forced to drop out of the presidential race in September amid plummeting primary poll numbers. Now, the governor is experiencing another set-back in the polls -- this time with Wisconsin voters. 

Sixty-two percent of the state's electorate doesn't want Walker to run for a third term as governor, according to a Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday. Only 35 percent of voters expressed support for another run. Republican voters are much more enthusiastic about the idea, with 79 percent favoring an additional term. 

Walker's job approval has also suffered. Nearly 3 in 5 Wisconsinites disapprove of the governor. This marks a drop from the relatively steady approval rating he has had since 2012. 

Wisconsin Republican voters also seem pleased that Walker's run for president didn't pan out. Forty percent were happy he was in the race but think it was a good idea that he got out when he did. Another 30 percent say they wish he hadn't run at all. Only 28 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they would have continued to support his run if he had stayed in the race. Fifty-five percent would have voted for someone else. 

The next election for Wisconsin governor takes place in November 2018. 

Marquette University Law School surveyed 803 registered Wisconsin voters using live interviews on landlines and cell phones from Sept. 24 to Sept. 28

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