Scott Weiland Talks About Musical Legacy And Influences In Final Video Interviews

The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman died just two days after the videos were recorded.

In one of Scott Weiland's final video interviews, recorded two days before his death at the age of 48, the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman speaks about everything from his musical legacy to David Bowie. 

The interview took place backstage before Weiland's last performance at Adelaide Hall in Toronto on Tuesday. 

In the clip, Weiland offers candid answers to Dawn Hamilton of "Live in Limbo." When asked how he would define his music legacy, the former Velvet Revolver frontman replies, "First off, I [view] the bands I've been in as rock 'n' roll. I've always looked at us also as bands that changed from album to album, and morph into different sounds. I think to stay in one sound is a career killer."

Throughout his career, Weiland no doubt played around with many different sounds and appearances, which makes sense considering he cites Bowie as a major source of inspiration.

"He's my biggest influence musically, vocally and fashion-wise," he tells Hamilton.  

The interview wraps up with Weiland admitting that he would be open to a Velvet Revolver reunion, which we're sure many fans would have loved to see. 

You can watch the entire interview below: 

Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge also recorded an interview with Weiland the same day in which he talks about his first-ever concert and his first and last tattoos. He also speaks about the impact The Beatles had on his life and career


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