How Scott Wolf Knew 'Party Of Five' Was 'Something Special' (VIDEO)

Twenty years ago, the world was introduced to the five Salinger siblings on "Party of Five." The '90s teen drama became a launching pad for its young cast members: Matthew Fox ("Lost"), Neve Campbell ("Scream"), Lacey Chabert ("Mean Girls"), and Scott Wolf ("Go," "Everwood").

Wolf, who played 16-year-old heartthrob Bailey Salinger, is now 46 and lives with his growing family in Los Angeles. In the above clip from his upcoming "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" appearance, he reflects on his first major acting role and what gave it that "something special."

"The opportunities were presented to me usually when I was ready for them," Wolf says. "'Party of Five' was the best material that had ever landed in my lap and it was really my first significant job."

The show was renewed for six seasons. Wolf says he never could have predicted the show's success. "At that point you're just hoping it survives and stays on the air and continues to be a job," he says.

"They cast the four of us: Matthew and Neve, Lacey and I. They just built this group of people and we felt like, and I believe it looked like, a family. We were very much that to each other on and off camera and I think that's why it sort of rose above," Wolf says. "There was always the sense of we're making something special."

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