Scottie Nell Hughes Called Molotov Cocktail A 'Mazel Tov Cocktail' On CNN

Oy vey.

Donald Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes has done some memorable interviews during the presidential campaign, but a gaffe on CNN Sunday night may have been the topper.

While defending a Trump attack on Hillary Clinton supporters Jay Z and Beyoncé, she referred to Jay Z and Kanye West’s 2012 video for “No Church in the Wild,” which featured a Molotov cocktail.

Only Hughes didn’t say “Molotov cocktail.” She said “mazel tov cocktail.”

Called out on her mistake by former HuffPoster Roy Sekoff, Hughes responded on Twitter, “trust me.. I realized at that moment, I should have taken a nap at some point the last 24hrs.”

Too late. The internet noticed.

Mazel tov, Scottie Nell Hughes, for providing voters with a moment of unintentional comic relief before we get down to voting on Tuesday.

And at least she can know she isn’t alone in mixing up Molotov and mazel tov. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) was serving as a county executive when he wrote “Thank you again and Molotov” to a constituent who requested a courthouse menorah display.

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