Scottie Pippen's Derrick Rose Injury Reaction: Tells Bulls Fans Not To Lose Hope In Letter

With the news that Chicago Bulls star player Derrick Rose will be out with a torn ACL, it would be easy for the team and its fans to lose hope in the team many thought would sweep the playoffs this year.

But a veteran Bull reached out Tuesday to promise the team that they'll manage without him and encourage the players and fans not to lose faith.

In an open letter posted on the Bulls' official page on, former Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen compares Rose's absence on the 2011-2012 to a similar notable vacancy during his 12 seasons on the team: Michael Jordan's mid-career retirement to pursue a different sport.

When Michael retired for the first time to play baseball in 1993, we were faced with a similar challenge to what you’re up against—playing without your best player and leader...As we entered the postseason, a lot of people had written us off and said we didn’t have a chance without Michael...But we didn’t listen to any of that. We believed in ourselves and we went out to play the type of basketball that we knew we were capable of playing.

Others are less optimistic. The team captured the top overall seed for the second year in a row, largely by leaning on Rose's MVP-worthy game play between injuries this year.

Fellow NBA players wished Rose well on Twitter after the news broke that he'd be out for the rest of the postseason.